If you have contracts related to your business such as supplier contracts, this is a must-watch.

Rupert talks with Hayley Mauro, Dispute Resolute Partner from Wilson Browne Solicitors who specialise in commercial and company disputes.

Hayley and Rupert will discuss the position of the business if a contract cannot be performed because of the pandemic, and what businesses should do to ensure adequate cover is in place.

Hayley will provide crucial advice on what to look out for, and how you can protect yourself such as reviewing your terms and conditions and give you questions to ask yourself to ensure you are securely covered in the right places.

Hayley and Rupert are also discussing cash flow and how to deal with suppliers that can’t (or won’t) pay you along with debt terms etc.

If you have a legal issue you would like to get advice on contact Hayley on 0808 256 9444 or visit: https://www.wilsonbrowne.co.uk/locations/kettering/

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