In this highly interesting interview, Rupert speaks with Jon Britain from Upskill Group about Unconscious Bias.

Unconscious Bias has been in the news quite a lot in 2020, how it impacts people’s attitude towards others, and the negative implications that this has.

Rupert and Jon discuss Unconscious Bias and the impact it can have on employee and team connections in the workplace, and how it can affect an individual’s personal life as well as them missing out on career and business opportunities.

Jon provides insight on how we can all minimise this from happening, and really opens our minds to the fact we all have Unconscious Bias in some form or other, and that we can all do something to improve ourselves and our working environments.

Jon Britain is enthusiastic about developing Management, Teams, and Individuals’ capabilities to result in engaged employees who take pride in the tasks and enjoy going to work. If you would like to learn more about how Jon and his team can help your workforce visit:

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