• We help business owners find clarity and direction by asking them tough questions about their business
  • We work with committed, enthusiastic business owners who are excited to change
  • We lead a team of coaches and support staff who share our vision
  • We have experience, determination, personality and we have a world class organization backing us up.

Point of Culture

Our work may be uncomfortable but we are on your side and will always support you

When we ask difficult questions we may be asking you to look deep into areas that you have been avoiding. Change is often uncomfortable. Our role is to challenge you to be your best and to support you in your journey.

We commit ourselves to your success

We are committed to your success and will not collude with you to prevent that success. We will work towards your vision and goals and we are invested in your success. We will work with you in the challenges and celebrate with you in the wins.

We will commit to excellence in all things

We set ourselves high standards and we work towards maintaining those in everything we do.

We will drive all activity to completion

We will not leave things unfinished or half done. If we have committed to an action, we will see it through to completion.

We will hold you accountable for your own success

As coaches, we can raise awareness and understanding, we can advise and add knowledge, but it is up to you to find the vision and do the work required to get there.

We will not do it for you but we will help you do it yourself

Our role is to support you, to aid you in gaining new knowledge and to challenge you to change. We cannot do this for you, but we will help you along the way.

We will not lie to you or for you.

We believe in being honest and open. We value truth and will not tolerate dishonesty within our organisation or in our dealings with clients and other stakeholders.

We will take ownership of our actions

We are responsible for our own deeds and actions. If we slip up on the high standards we set ourselves, we will own those mistakes and work towards rectification. We will only commit to actions we know we can carry out and we will let you know if there any possibility that we will not make deadlines we have agreed.