30X 30 Day Business Challenge

Grow your business by 30% or increase your productivity by 30x

Grow your business by 30% or increase your productivity by 30x by joining our 30X Challenge for only £195 + VAT (Worth £599)

Take our 30-day business challenge designed for business owners and decision makers in and around Kettering, Corby, Market Harborough and Rutland districts. The programme is to include watching all 30 videos recorded by Brad Sugars documenting his 30 years of business experience, and one-to-one coaching/accountability sessions each week to ensure you are putting your actions into place.

What’s included:

  • 30 videos by Brad Sugars (worth £99)
  • One-to-one Business Growth Coaching sessions* (worth £500)
  • Discount for future ActionCOACH Business Programmes (worth £100)

The videos contain hard-won business principles that Brad has personally developed over the past 30 years as a successful entrepreneur, investor, and business advisor. You will learn how to grow your business by 30% or increase your productivity by 30x.

What is the 30X programme?
Starting and growing a business isn’t “formulaic” – meaning, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all recipe that instantly leads to boat loads of money and everlasting entrepreneurial success. Every business is different. Every market is different. Every product is different. So, the decisions you make need to be different too!

You can see why most training programmes are doomed to fail. They tout the “latest marketing secret” or the “newest, easiest way to start a business online.” They’re dealing in tactics.

30X is a programme that deals in principles.

Business principles last forever. They don’t change with the birth and death of industries, and they never cease to play a role in how businesses grow.

30X is a 30-day stream of hard-won business principles that successful Brad Sugars has personally developed over the past 30 years as an entrepreneur, investor, and business advisor. The 30 videos in this programme represent the most potent entrepreneurial advice he can possibly give.

You’ll learn how to not just survive, but how you can truly thrive in this crazy time …

What is the role of your ActionCOACH?

The role of your ActionCOACH is essentially that of mentor and motivator to ensure that you keep up with the work required to get the best out of this programme. If the fundamental philosophies are instilled correctly into your business you will reap the rewards. ActionCOACH recommends a step-by-step process to implement the strategies and concepts. This programme will not be an immediate fix if your business is in crisis management mode, but it can help you plan for long term growth and survival.

General Conditions

1.The programme materials you receive are confidential and proprietary, and cannot be used, disclosed or duplicated except within your own company. These materials are unpublished works protected by copyright laws and no unauthorised copying, adaptation, distribution storage or display is permitted.

2.Our services are advisory. You bear sole responsibility for the use and implementation of these services in your business. You agree to forever indemnify and hold harmless your Licensed ActionCOACH from and against any loss, cost or expense resulting from your activities related to the subject matter in this document and in the programme.

3.While your Licensed ActionCOACH will be providing you with guidance, direction and programme materials, such a role is advisory and not of actually doing the activity itself. You will be primarily accountable for producing the results in the programme. In this way your ActionCOACH seeks to educate you in order to make your successful marketing a life-long activity.

4. £195 plus VAT offer expires at midnight on 30th February 2021 after which, the programme will revert to its original worth of £595 plus VAT. Registration for the programme must be completed before the expiration date.

5. *Maximum of 5 One-to-one sessions per 30X programme.

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